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Michael Savage aka Sirtony 

This is a special testimonial that Michael believes defines his work and will help you understand who he is and what he does...and is proud to share it ...
From ...Susan Davis  

I have worked with Michael Savage over the course of three years in various capacities in connection with his company, Tree Fort Productions. Michael is an innovative actor, writer, director, producer and auteur filmmaker who has produced many award winning films. As an Alumni member of the Tony Award Honoree - The Acting Company, (click on Alumni to see Michael Savage listed along with Kevin Kline)  Now, Michael has created his own unique group known as  The Actor’s Film Company.  As such, he is uniquely qualified to extend his talents as the director of The Total Workshop for Acting, where he is passing on valuable acting and film making skills that he has learned over the course of his lifetime. He offers his students the opportunity to learn from a master actor, to be in ground-breaking video productions, and memorialize their work on DVD demos. Few actors, writers and filmmakers advance to his level of creativity and expertise or share it in the way that he does. The film community is fortunate to have a person of his talent, integrity, and caliber in their midst.


Susan Davis

writer and Internet Web Content Producer

Technology News Editor

Blogcritics.org - writer for -  Film reviews and Culture






One of the rare pleasures in life is encountering someone who is
engaged in intentionally making a difference. My encounter with
 Michael Savage and his actors' workshop definitely made a difference
 in my life.
The effort he puts forth in teaching and communicating is almost
superhuman - except that he expects that level of commitment from
everyone, and gets you to see it as the norm. 
I have been blessed to meet and work with people of outstanding
Talent in many areas.  What is unique about Michael is that he got
 me to see and feel that being outstanding at what I do is a matter
 of choice - a personal  decision - not fate, genetics, or luck. He models
 that attitude, proselytizes it,  imbues it.  For Michael - and those who fall
 under his spell - excellence is not  a distant state of grace just over the
horizon, but something to be lived now, in this moment. 

Thank you, Michael, or challenging me to grab onto my own best effort at what I love - and for not letting me weasel out or compromise.  I wish there was a way that everyone, actors and non-actors alike, could attend your course.  The demand you place on people to give themselves their best effort – and the tough but fair encouragement you surround them with - could make a difference for a lot of people - as it did for me. I would recommend your course to anyone, actors and non-actors alike.

Haik Adomian
PS Please feel free to quote this letter in any medium.  You have permission
to use it in any manner, including commercially.  The more that what you're
doing spreads, the better off the world is.
Keep it up. 



 “I have had the honor of watching Michael Savage’s career
flourish both as a stage actor in New York to a television
and film actor and writer in LA. His most recent
adventure has been as acting teacher passing on his
extensive knowledge of acting, and almost as important,
the business of acting to a very large and appreciative
body of students. Michael’s workshops would be a great
value to not only the novice, but any professional interested
in improving their skills and strengthening their
understanding of the craft of acting.”

- Arthur Toretzky, Hollywood Agent



“With over 25 years in the industry and having sought out
the best acting coaches, including the legendary late great
Lee Strasberg & Stella Adler... it is with much respect &
admiration that I bring your attention to a unique and
dedicated coach, Michael Savage. Michael is quickly becoming
a legend amongst those who have studied with him.
He has created a workshop like no other. Michael’s passion
for writing provides an abundance of custom written material
for all his actors that allows them to get up and work on
a variety of roles in a very short period of time. It’s all about
getting up and doing the work. Thank you, Michael, for
reigniting my own passion for acting. All the work has paid
off - having just completed co-starring in two independent


“Michael Savage has the extraordinary gift and passion to
inspire actors towards their best. With great warmth and
love, he teaches actors how to give themselves permission to
be who they really are in their work and to frame their own
special-ness in the acting process. But most of all, he makes
acting fun! I say, why else do it?”

- Karen Kondazian,

Actress, Producer, Journalist & Writer


“Michael Savage is one of the most encouraging teachers I
know! His class is like a family, and he inspires great work
by instilling in his students virtues like honesty, integrity
and an old fashioned work ethic that is seldom seen in
Hollywood in the 21st Century. Outstanding work
throughout! Highly recommended!”

- Casting Director Billy DaMota, CSA




“Michael teaches the four C’s in his workshops:
• Confidence: in your ability as a performer,
• Creativity: in your character choices,
• Camaraderie: with your fellow actors in an ensemble
• Courtesy: in how to behave properly in a professional

- Mike McGill,
Student of Michael Savage


Michael’s love for screen writing is a proven asset
to his class. The scenes he writes are not only original,
but also crafted around the uniqueness and
individuality of each and every student. An actor
is unlikely to find this type of training anywhere.”

- Drake Johnson,
Former Student of Michael Savage
and 4-time Emmy Award Winning Producer For Fox News




* “Michael’s unique Frozen Reading techniques came
in handy in a feature film audition for “Bad Santa”. The
confidence I had in the interview I credit to
I went on to book the job,

and had the opportunity to work with Billy Bob Thornton.”

- Curtis Taylor,
Former Student of Michael Savage

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