Starring in 'MY FATHERS COAT' a classic Workshop actor film ...

with Carlos and Sarah

by Sirtony    

This is dedicated to my Father who fought in WWII      



 Special Comments from YOUTUBE....

Great work, on so many levels.
May we all leave something monumental behind...
"Above all else, he made me laugh."  This gives you a glimpse into the soul of the father.
I loved the pictures juxtapositioned between stark dialogue.
Great film!!! Very powerful and inspirational... keep up the great work!
This is powerful writing, acting, camera work and direction, my friend. Very moving, indeed. On this veteran's day I think of my own father who served in WWII in the Navy on several aircraft carriers, one of which was hit by a Kamikaze plane. He lied about his age to get in at 16, and the older I get, the more i appreciate the kind of man he is. He is frail and old now, but the strength of his character remains undiminished.
Thanks for this remarkable work of art.

Tom Kozlowski

Excellent,I am going to be 13 in have already left your mark on me you have given so much You will always have my admiration and respect,i hope one day i have the privledge of working with you.
Wow Sir Tony this is amazing!!! So RAW and real and genuine. It brought tears to my eyes. Highest rating as always. And thank you to Chance for sharing this with me!!!
SIRTONY, thank you for "My Father's Coat" video; means the world to me...ohh what a night, what a day..Veterans Day is always a tough one for me. The passing of my friend last receive this "Gift" from you, "My Father's Coat", is really comforting, & eases the heavy burden I'm feeling; I'm moved & bolstered, yet consoled & calm as well...
ty Sirtony, you've helped gladden my heart, as always! You allow the sun to shine in, on an otherwise overcast day(!!) Thank God for you, Chance
Very special and very powerful...



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