THIS BOOK will be available in March 2010  so please do not order yet...

Learn Your Lines by Sirtony

$ 49.95 USD

Everything you need to know  about being a Professional Actor...

plus a special website with over 100 Films to assist in your learning process.

4 years of College Conservatory Acting training averages between $25,000 - $150,000 depending on what School you get accepted into.  This book not only gives you everything you need to know in just a two hour's only $49.95 and that includes access to a special site for the book to study in a Interactive format.  Plus Michael Savage aka Sirtony has produced special short Films that will allow you to hear what he wants you to know from his own conversation with you on the site designed to give you the kind of interactive Experience you will be able to use 24/7 when you have the time. 


I’ll tell you what I believe talent really consists of.   It’s the ability to fearlessly do something people ask you to do and do it well with little effort.   



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