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'So You Wanna Be an Actor?' LEARN YOUR LINES

$ 39.95 USD

After teaching hundreds of Wanna Be Actors I discoverd the one skill that 95% refused to work at that would keep you from ever being a great actor...and most importantly a professionaly paid actor.

It was the basic ability to learn their lines Quickly and be able to access their Imagination and be in the moment ...time and time again I would see that look...hear the fumbled word...slurred phrase and the added...Uh...yeahs...and other attempts to make it sound like they knew their lines but were adding in some reality...LOL


'In Search of a Standard'

$ 24.99 USD

This is the book I wanted to share the stories of how I always found a way to do be a pioeer...persaonl and insightful and inspirational...the book I wish I would have a chance to read whan I first started out...


$ 5.00 USD

This short DVD film will allow you to see the TIGER I created to teach and inspire my is an Award Wining Performance...a classic MUST SEE!!!!!!  Enjoy
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