SPECIAL  3 Day Demo TV Pilot.. Have a Script you want to sell?...need a Trailer for a Film? TV SHOW?  Well here is a sample Trailer for a TV show  'LIFE LESSONS ' with Dr. KiKi  Hurt...:)


 this short film below is a ONE SHOT - ONE TAKE  - UPDATE of a new INTERIOR STUDIO LOCATION for Demos Webisodes & Castisodes...

at ARTE International

this will allow you to imagine the VALUE of a Demo Upgrade to these Luxurious Sets that can add great Quality and Reality to the shoot.

Here is a simple demo of the Studio with the Look and Feel we can add to the production...



No. Hollywood: 818 - 769 - 5090 - nh@arteshowrooms.comIrvine: 949 - 660 - 1200 - oc@arteshowrooms.com








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