CLASSIC Award Winning Performance by Sirtony as Marty 'Tiger' Savakovich about the work of an Actor.


delaneyelise (1 day ago) 

I LOVED IT what a GREAT message.
It makes me want to work even harder
than i do now.. Thanks for a wonderful
video =]

connordaniel23 (1 week ago) 

Very clever and cool too! Love how Savakovich tells us how to prepare ourselves.......and then floats away!    Brilliant ;-)     Amazing how you managed this in just one take!!
Best wishes from



cherokeesquawrider (1 month ago) 

WOW this is excellent but u don't surprise me sweetie I knew u had talent the first time we communicated years ago, keep up the great work

tiktam51 (1 month ago)

very nice dear 5 star
nice video good music.
rated and commented and subscribed
to ur channel wish u all the best.

stinkyKnobcheese (3 months ago) 

That is spectacular Michael. It really is an inspiration to us newbies.

Many thanks!


Chance99able (1 month ago) 

To remotely even suggest to me that SIRTONY is "Ready"(??) for the Bigscreen is insanely off-point...the question is, "IS THE BIG SCREEN BIG ENOUGH FOR SIRTONY"? Because I am see/hear/feel "things" in my Soul, my Heart, that just pierce me like a dagger, & I bleed out. Just the music alone, that he himself composes, is so alluring & captivating & helps perculate the scene PERFECTLY. He truly is a "One Stop & Take Shop"; in a league by himself...ready to just turn the Film Industry upside down!

tadejgirl (1 month ago)

I agree with you Chance. Is the big screen big enough for Sir Tony? That's the real question. Sir Tony is so amazing and brilliant.

GoryStories (5 months ago)

Excellent resume SIRTONY! Very impressive! Keep rocking and we'll be seeing you on the big screen soon enough! KUDOS!! David (Pops) D.

anakono (5 months ago) 

great job :)

TheNecromongers (6 months ago) 

AWESOME! You got a great future ahead of you in the film industry, Sir Tony.


noutmy (9 months ago)

so pretty man!

Laminhina (10 months ago)

Excellent job!! Love the sound too.
Good luck my friend.

misterbd (1 year ago)

way cool
another moment in history thanks..... don



 sexyfantasyclub (1 month ago) 

AmbientFilmz (1 month ago) 

Great film!!! Very powerful and inspirational... keep up the great work!

tjkoz22 (1 month ago)

This is powerful writing, acting, camera work and direction, my friend. Very moving, indeed. On this veteran's day I think of my own father who served in WWII in the Navy on several aircraft carriers, one of which was hit by a Kamikaze plane. He lied about his age to get in at 16, and the older I get, the more i appreciate the kind of man he is. He is frail and old now, but the strength of his character remains undiminished.
Thanks for this remarkable work of art.

Tom Kozlowski

JonathanHasTalent (1 month ago)

Excellent,I am going to be 13 in have already left your mark on me you have given so much You will always have my admiration and respect,i hope one day i have the privledge of working with you.

tadejgirl (1 month ago) 

Wow Sir Tony this is amazing!!! So RAW and real and genuine. It brought tears to my eyes. Highest rating as always. And thank you to Chance for sharing this with me!!!

Chance99able (1 month ago) 

SIRTONY, thank you for "My Father's Coat" video; means the world to me...ohh what a night, what a day..Veterans Day is always a tough one for me. The passing of my friend last receive this "Gift" from you, "My Father's Coat", is really comforting, & eases the heavy burden I'm feeling; I'm moved & bolstered, yet consoled & calm as well... ty Sirtony, you've helped gladden my heart, as always! You allow the sun to shine in, on an otherwise overcast day(!!) Thank God for you, Chance

TheProf777 (7 months ago)

Very special and very powerful...




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